About Remembrance Day (The Play)

Actress June Ballinger stars in this profoundly moving play, inspired by a box of letters, keepsakes, and a WWII diary discovered the day after her mother’s death.

…one of the most spell-binding and extraordinary true-life adventures I’ve ever witnessed as it is inspired by her mother’s wartime diaries and correspondence. Humorous, inspiring and also startling in its revelations
— Simon Saltzman – President of the Outer Critics Circle

[Ballinger] slips in and out of characters like a DuPont nylon stocking – graceful and smooth.
— Jacquelyn Claire – NY Theatre Guide

“The play is theatre magic. The magic begins when a daughter portrays her heroic mother, in an era when only men were considered heroes; a woman who helped break the Nazi code which led to victory. This remarkable woman, so ahead of her time, fights the same battle that women nowadays fight—to be acknowledged, to be appreciated, to count, to matter in the world. “

–William Mastrosimone- playwright, and Emmy Award winning screenwriter

“Ballinger was powerful, articulate, charming, innocent, sexy, dramatic, comedic.  (She) hopped between characters and eras to show us the power that women have and how it has been squandered for decades by society.”

Bob Greene, Outer Stage Journal

An amazing, important accomplishment… every movement, every gesture
— Yusef Komunyakaa – Poet Laureate, State of New York

“ It left me feeling grateful for growing up during this more modern era. Not all the problems are solved, but I’ve been able to take the fact that I can work for granted…It’s a very human show”.
— Jaime Parker- Arts Program Director, Trenton Soup Kitchen

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Remembrance Day has also been performed under the title
Once In… Never Out!